Jungle Activities

In Bardia National park, the visitor can explore the pristine nature through different safari, searching for animals like the mighty tiger.

The best time to visit Bardia National Park is March to May (especially for tigers). October-November offer also some good wildlife possibilities. July-August are difficult months due to the heavy monsoon.

Don't forget to bring : binoculars, insect repellent, hat, sun glasses, casual and comfortable clothes (brown or green but not with bright colors), good walking shoes, sandals...

Our guides are certified by the " National Trust for Nature Conservation of Nepal". They are passionate native specialists dedicated to your security, your jungle experience, and your better understanding of the local ecosystem.

Safari on Foot

Along with a certified local jungle guide and his helper, You will walk until watching towers or lookouts (where you will have to hide and be silent) to admire the local fauna, flora and landscapes. If you are lucky, tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, deers, monkeys, crocodiles and birds may show up. Don’t be afraid, all these animals are scared by people and none of them has human being on its menu.

Nepal is one of few countries to allow walking safaris on tiger territory. This system exists since more than 20 years and no tourist has ever been put in danger. Your jungle guides will keep away from you all potential dangerous situations.

Elephant Back Safari

The elephant is a good ecological option to go safely through dense vegetation where you cannot venture on foot. It is one of the best ways to approach rhinoceroses It is also a good occastion for great photos and interaction with the elephant.

In Nepal all domestic elephants are born in captivity and are not trained with the brutal « breaking » method you may see in other countries.

Floating Safari

There are no rapids on the holy river Karnali and its small streams. You will jump on our rubber raft and go down the river with our experienced boat dirver. On the boat, we will see beautiful landscapes and maybe some animals drinking. This excusrion is especially good for birds. If you are very lucky you may see the rare and endangered Ganga dolphin.

Jeep Safari

The jeep is great to explore the geography of the national park, witness the different kinds of habitats and explore remote areas that you can’t reach with other safaris. We can go down the vehicle and make little walks or stop in watching towers locally called “Machan” or hide in some promissing areas.

Tharu village visit

Nepal is a mosaic of different ethnical groups. In Bardia most of the people are Tharus. They have their own language, culture, floklore and way of life. We will take you on a visit to meet these people of the forest.